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Challenging Jobs Dewatering Industrial A Difficult Fit
  Wall Stabilization   Coil Slitting Line
      Chemical Distribution
Commercial Facility Renovation   Tube Mill Line
  Car Dealership   Meat Processing Facility
  Plaza Renovation   Press Pit
  Shopping Center   Material Handling Building
  Retail Center   Press Foundation
      Galvanizing Lines
Design Build Paint Manufacturing   Silo Pile Cap
  Retail Buildout   Tube Fabrication Plant Expansion
  Maintenance Building   Press Pit
      Silica Plant Foundation
Institutional Residence Facility   Slitter Line Alteration
  Worship Space   Tower Foundation
  Educational Facility   Mill Line
  Academic Facility
  Slitter Line Foundations
  Conference Center Expansion    
Warehouse Bulk Warehousing Wastewater Wastewater Treatment
  Warehouse Addition   Water Treatment Facility
  Warehouse Addition   Water Treatment Facility
  Public Works Facility   Liquid Processing Facility
Recreational Facility A Home Run